A Power Session explains extra options available to you that aren’t available through traditional agents.

We can do everything they can do, however they can’t do everything we can do!

We let Buyers use our money, to help them buy your home.

That makes it easier to buy, which makes it easier to sell.

There is NO OBLIGATION to use Housing Heroes (to sell your home) if you book a Power Session.

We’re simply showing you some extra options that help you achieve higher prices and quicker sales than using traditional agent!

If 45 minutes with us doesn’t put at least $10,000 more in your pocket we’d be surprised.

If it does, that’s the best 45 mins you’ll ever invest.

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When are you thinking of Buying?

Thinking of selling your home and not sure how you can achieve the highest price possible?

You only get one opportunity to sell your home (probably your biggest asset transaction in your life), so you need to ensure you explore every opportunity to maximize the selling price.

Traditional agents spruik about their “exceptional” sales skills being responsible for achieving higher selling prices. We agree, a strong sales skillset is very beneficial and definitely required.

However, there is much more involved in achieving the highest possible price than the agent’s ability to “flap his gums” in front of a Buyer.

There are TWO parts to a transaction. There’s the Price, and there are the Terms.

If we’re more flexible with the Terms, people are happier to pay a higher Price.

Traditional agents have no control over the Terms, which means they can only concentrate on the Price.

Traditional Buyers are only focused on Price (paying less). Therefore, traditional “old-school” agents dealing with traditional Buyers play the dance around paying a lower Price.

This means you have to discount the Price if you only appeal to the Buyers who focus on Price.

Housing Heroes has developed modern, legal methods of sale (trademarks owned by Housing Heroes) that give Sellers a real advantage when they sell,

…without having to discount the Price to make it happen!

In fact, these “Advanced-Legal-Methods-Of-Sale-Made-Easy” let us achieve higher selling prices!

The Housing Heroes Advantage!

Housing Heroes can do everything a traditional agent can do, however
a traditional agent can’t do everything we can do!

Our trademarked range of additional modern methods of sale require
additional licences with ASIC.

This means traditional agents cannot offer these products without
an addtional specialised licence.

Because the product range is trademarked to Housing Heroes, we retain the exclusive use of these products for Housing Heroes Sellers and Buyers.

This give everyone dealing with Housing Heroes an advantage.

That’s why we call it the Housing Heroes Advantage!

Download a copy of the Housing Heroes Advantage for Sellers HERE!

The Deposit Layby®

The Housing Heroes Deposit Layby® program solves the problem Buyers face of not having enough money to buy a home immediately.

It lets them buy the home now, and save the deposit later (while living in the home they already own!)

The Buyers use our money to buy your home immediately.

The interest rate is the same as the primary lender so there is no penalty to use this product.

The easy-qualifying program lets them achieve genuine home ownership years ahead of the traditional route of wasting tens of thousands in dead rent while they save a deposit and watch house prices continue to increase beyond their affordability.

Because they can buy sooner under our Deposit Layby® program,
we attract extra buyers that can look at and buy your property NOW;
not in a few years when they’re finally ready.

We make it much easier to buy a home using the Deposit Layby®.

If we make it easier to buy, we make it easier to sell!

DOWNLOAD the Deposit Layby® Explained for Sellers HERE.

The Live-In Layby®

The Housing Heroes Live-In Layby® is a trademarked product exclusively available through Housing Heroes.

We own the trademark, therefore the program is not available at any
other real estate agency.

The Live-In Layby® helps people who need more “time” to get them themselves “Bank-Ready”.

This program helps Sellers turn negative cashflow properties into positive cashflow properties.

It lets a Seller “lock-in” a Buyer ahead of time, for prices above current market value.

A Seller often needs to give the Buyer a few years to get themselves “Bank-Ready”, however during this period they make a constant positive cashflow return on the property with the loan, rates, insurance, repairs & maintenance all paid for by the Buyer while they’re living in the home.

The Live-In Layby® is like a “Rent-To-Own-On-Steroids” program that takes out all of the bad stuff we all hear about (with the dodgy rent-to-own programs), and we put in a heap of good things to ensure everyone is safe during the transaction.

It gives everyone confidence they are dealing with a company they can trust!


Very few, if any real estate agents will guarantee their results.

We do!

Our “More-Money-In-Your-Pocket” Guarantee is the backbone of our

     • We’ll beat any same-service real estate agent by 10%

     • If we fail to achieve an agreed selling price, we’ll discount our BEST VALUE fee structure by a further 10%.

We use our money to make sure there’s more money in your pocket at the end of the transaction.

No other agency does this!